How to troubleshoot a plugin license key that wont validate

My license wont validate!

You’ve just purchased a plugin and everything seems to be working in perfect order except 1 thing! The license is being rejected! We’ve all been there but don’t worry this article will help you get down to the bottom of it and get your plugin working within no time! There are a number of causes for a license to be rejected, let us run you through them.

Failing to connect to the external server

This is the most common and most frustrating reason for your license to be rejected. Your server is restricting the communication between itself and the license authentication server which results in the license being denied. There are many reasons that your server could be blocking the communication and that’s why its best to take it up with your hosting support however you can always try this step below first.

On your server control panel, try whitelisting the IP address that you’re trying to contact. If you’re using a Toast Plugins that’s That may or may not work but if it doesn’t then¬†we’d recommend taking it up with your hosting support.

If you’re still struggling and you’re using a Toast Plugin we will be happy to help!

The license key has been used too many times

The license key has been used too many times and therefore is invalid. You’ll need to purchase another license in order to validate the license on another website.

License key isn’t within date

Ensure that the license key has started but hasn’t expired. You can check this for your toast plugin here.

License key is wrong

It’s a little ridiculous but just double check that the license key is actually correct. Copy and paste directly from the source however ensure there isn’t any HTML code attached or spaces before/after.