What is Scroll Triggered Animations?

Scroll Triggered Animations is a highly customisable, yet user-friendly interface for implementing CSS animations across your WordPress website. Activate the free WordPress plugin on either your own theme or on a child theme and follow the instructions to set up your own animations on your website within minutes. Whether you’re a highly-skilled web guru, a content editor or you’ve absolutely no knowledge of techy stuff. We’ve made the animation process easy!

Default Animations

Default animations are really easy to understand, use as many as you like, wherever you like. Simply add a HTML class to an element and be on your way! Use as many as you want wherever you like. Absolutely no reason to touch any code!

Advanced Animations

Although slightly more complex. Advanced Animations gives you 100% customizability and a site global scope allowing you to target multiple items with the same class.


Struggling a little bit! Dont worry! Read the article here to get a higher insight into the plugin!

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100% Customisability
You make the animations! We just make the script. Make your own CSS animations and queue them when they scroll into viewport!
Absolutely Code free
No need to touch any code on your site - with our built in default animations you can simply just add a default animation class and be on your way.
Easy to use interface
We have an extremely easy to use interface making this plugin simple and fast to configure.
Wont slow down the speed of your site
Alot of scripts slow down the speed of your site. This one wont!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my own animations?

You tell me! If you don’t know how to make an animation with CSS then the advanced animations tab isn’t for you. If you do, however, you’ve just come across a great feature.

First, you need to activate the element you’d like to apply the animations to.

Activating an element simply tells the script to add the class ‘scroll-triggered’ when it is due to animate. Meaning you can target the element before and after it has been triggered. Your CSS could look like this:

.button { opacity:0 ; transition: all 1s }
.button.scroll-triggered { opacity: 1 ; }

Apply the CSS using your own theme CSS file or by using the textarea supplied.

Can I Use this plugin without any knowledge of CSS or HTML?

Yes (you can use our default animations) but you will have to have knowledge of HTML classes. If you don’t know about this you can simply just look them up and you’ll have your site animated in no time.

Why aren’t my animations working?

This could be a number of reasons. The most common issue for this is javascript being broken on your site. Check for a fatal error in the console and if you can’t resolve the issue do not hesitate to contact us via the support forum.

Can I use this with any theme?

Yes, this plugin should work out of the box with any theme. As long as the script on your site isn’t broken!

Is this exclusively to Wordpress?

Yes, we’re afraid so.

Where is the premium version of this plugin?

You can download the premium verison of this plugin here

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Looking for the premium version?

A premium version of this plugin is available. To find out more please visit the dedicated page.