What the plugin does.

Sticky Items on Scroll does exactly what it says on the tin.

It allows you to make multiple HTML elements on your site stick as you scroll down the page.

It’s most useful for sidebar elements but can be used for any items that you like.

How does this plugin work?

There is no documentation for this plugin because it’s so easy to use.

This plugin uses jQuery to perform its magic. Although it can be used in many different ways it does have some limitations:

  1. The HTML element that you want to stick on the scroll must be within a parent element.
  2. The HTML item will only ‘stick’ until it reaches the bottom of the parent element.
  3. You can’t use this plugin to create a sticky header on your site (if you want a sticky header, try this plugin).

You can ‘stick’ any element such as:

<p>, <a>, <div>, <article>, <h1>

Basically any HTML selector.

Typical usage examples.

  • If you have a sidebar on your website, this plugin can be be used to make the sidebar (or elements within it) remain fixed whilst the visitor scrolls down the rest of the page.
  • If you have two columns of content you can ‘stick’ one column whilst the visitor scrolls down the other column.

How to use this plugin.

Once installed, simply add the class, ID or tag that you want to stick and choose if you want the item to have a top margin when stuck and off you go!

It really is that simple.

More advanced usage.

If you are experienced in CSS, you’ll also find that you can set up some interesting CSS classes based on whether or not the item has the item-stuck class applied to it.

For example:

.your-class a.button { opacity: 0; }

.your-class.item-stuck a.button { opacity: 1; }

Make a button visible when the item is stuck (as per the above video.

This means that you can control multiple elements within the parent element to do interesting things once the item-suck class is applied.

Have some fun!

Key Features

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Stick Multiple Items on one page
Unlike similar plugins, you can target multiple HTML elements on one page using this plugin allow you to create some awesome effects!
Easy to use interface
Very easy to use interface for all users, WordPress developers can get creative with CSS and non-technical users can just use the plugin out-of-the-box.
Fast Loading Scripts
The scripts used on the plugin are ultra-fast and won't slow down the speed of your site!
No extra CSS
Use the plugin with your own CSS, this plugin won't output any styles which aren't necessary!
SEO Friendly
No negative effect on your SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't it working on my site?

Most commonly, this is caused by an error in the script of your site. Open inspector tools and check for any console errors. If you cant resolve the issue please contact us via the support forums.

Why can't I use this on a header or a menu?

This plugin requires the item you are targeting to have a smaller height than the parent. As this is not the case when targeting a header, it won’t work!

How does this work responsively?

This plugin has responsive options allowing you to control when the script should run on the site. We’ve kept this simple so you can choose to switch it off for smaller screen sizes.

I need help, where can I get it?

Please leave us a message via the WordPress support forum and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

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