What is Advanced Percentages & Numbers?

Advanced Percentages & Numbers is a plugin which is used to add modern and stylish numbers/percentages to your site.

Its most commonly used present statistics on your site in a modern and stylish way which attracts the viewer’s attention.

Statistics on a website can be very easily missed and these are often the selling point for whatever your website might be selling! Install this plugin and they’ll never be missed again. Use the shortcode builder to create your own custom stat anywhere on the backend of your site.

Key Features

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Over 1+ Million Customisability Combinations
Customise everything that you see. Colors, widths, Animation speeds, absolutely everything you that you see is customisable.
Easy to use
Anyone can use this plugin, a developer or not. It's got an easy to use backend and a great shortcode builder.
Add to your site absolutely anywhere
Use the Wordpress shortcode API allowing you to apply your percentages and numbers absolutely anywhere on your site!
Never let a user miss that vital bit of information
All of our shortcodes have there very own styles and they are extremely eye-catching!
SEO Friendly
The plugins is SEO friendly. It wont slow down your site or mess with your page structure!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a shortcode?

Once you have installed and activated the plugin you’ll be able to add a shortcode anywhere on your site. You can use the shortcode builder by clicking the button under Tiny MCE widgets.

How do I download the Pro version?

The Pro version of this plugin is not yet available but will be soon. To be notified of its release please sign up to our newsletter.

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I dont know a thing about code, can I use this plugin?

Yes of course! Just use the shortcode builder above the WYSIWYG editor and you’ll be able to configure your own shortcode there.

Why aren't my animations showing?

This is most commonly caused by an error in the script. Please check the console and fix any errors and if doesn’t resolve the issue please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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