What is Image Alt Tag Reminder?

This plugin is a simple SEO tool to notify you when your images have no alt tag. The plugin only shows these messages when a user is logged in as an administrator or an editor, so you wont need to worry about this having negative effects on your user experience!

Why is it important to have Image Alt Tags?

Well, there are multiple reasons, the original reason HTML Alt tags were implemented were to provide a description of images for Visually impaired users. Visually impaired users using screen readers will read an Alt tag to better understand the image. So having an Alt tag makes a better user experience for these users.

The reason that its necessary in terms of SEO is to provide an image description to search engine crawlers/bots, helping them to index an image properly. Search engine crawlers understand your text, scripts, and styles on your page with ease but one thing they struggle with is understanding images. They are bots after all, they can’t process the data like a human eye and brain. That’s why the Alt tag is always needed to provide a description the crawler/bot can understand with ease.